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In this cut-throat competitive fast moving era, its quite challenging to opt for the right financial investment and protection plans to family, when the market is gutted with wide-range of undisclosed loop involved equivocal products in all platforms. Here is why, we are here to provide you the assertive assurance and guidelines in choosing the right crafted products to secure your family and business as per your needs.

I P G Rajasekharan, MBA holder, with 35+ years of experience in Insurance domain and financial industry, with my team, provides diligently picked up, the best in class products from various insurers, which is in commensurate with the needs and necessities of customers. Needless to say, even though we have our base operation office in Trivandrum, India, we do provide our extensive business services to customers around the globe.

From Chief Life insurance advisory to Financial and Insurance Consultant, our firm have established uncompromising trust and ascendancy over the other entities; General-Health Insurance, SIP and Mutual funds, share market investments, bonds and the list goes on. Our expertise consulting also includes retirement solutions, pensions, loans personal and housing, marriage and education oriented investments.

Being a MDRT(USA) member, lifetime CMS member, I have presided over several conferences of LIRT,LUGI organizations, have conducted several training sessions to enthusiastic insurance professionals in parallel to my consulting and advisory career. We also provide employment opportunities by recruiting and training sedulous dynamic minds, from sophomore to retirees who are ready to espouse, work and climb the success steps of insurance consulting career.

We have received several prestigious awards in insurance industry for providing outstanding business and services, which have benefited various individuals, organizations including their employees. Also, we had the opportunity to become a part of various institutions, by providing them with various group life and insurance schemes, which accolades the boons of protection to both employee and employer.

Unlike any other brokers or agents, we do adapt the mantra of providing exquisite premium services and supports from the very first commencement itself, in nurturing your dreams to achieve it ,standing with you in each and every phase of endless journey.

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