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One Health Individual


Comprehensive Health insurance Plan


  • In patient Hospitalization: for hospitalization expenses like Doctor's fees, operation theatre cost, surgery cost,anaesthetist charges and nurse charges
  • Day care treatment cover- for expenses of modern procedures that do not require 24 hrs hospitalization admission (for e.g. cataract surgery)
  • Pre and Post Hospitalisation expenses are covered
  • Ambulance cover: for expenses incurred for emergency road ambulance
  • Organ Donor expense cover- for hospitalization expenses of the person who is donating organ for the use of Insured person
  • Domiciliary Hospitalization cover
  • IVF treatment cover
  • Bariatric Surgery cover
  • Psychiatric cover
  • Lasik surgery cover
  • Cumulative Bonus- which once accrued, is not reduced even if you claim
  • Free annual health check up for all adult insured persons irrespective of claims


Room Rent Limit
Under Support:- 1% of SI, Under Secure:- Covered up to SI; Single private room , Under Support Plus:- Covered up to SI; No room rent capping, Under Shield:- Covered up to SI; No room rent capping, Premium:- Covered up to SI; No room rent capping
ICU Daily Rent Limit
Under Support:- upto 2% Of SI, Under Secure:- up to SI, Single private room , Under Support Plus:- up to SI, No room rent capping, Under Shield:- up to SI, No room rent capping, Premium:- up to SI, No room rent capping
Pre-Hospitalization Expenses
Under Support:- 30 days, Under Secure:- 30 days, Under Support Plus:- 30 days, Under Shield:- 60 days, Premium:- 60 days
Post Hospitalization Expenses
Under Support:- 60 days, Under Secure:- 60 days, Under Support Plus:- 60 days, Under Shield:- 90 days, Premium:- 90 days
Minimum Hospitalization Period
24 hours
Day Care Procedure Coverage
Covered up to Sum Insured
Additional Cover for Critical Illness
Automatic Restoration of Sum Insured
Up to 100% of Sum Insured
Pre-Existing Disease / Illness coverage
Under Support:- 4 years, Under Secure:- 3 years, Under Support Plus:- 3 years, Under Shield:- 3 years, Premium:- 2 years
Waiting Period for New Policy
30 days.
10% or 20% co-payment optional cover and avail discount on premium.
Free Health Checkup
Annual free health check-up irrespective of claims in a policy year.
Ambulance Expenses
Under Support:- Up to Rs. 2,000, Under Secure:- Up to 2,500, Under Support Plus:- Up to Rs. 5,000, Under Shield:- Up to Rs. 7,500, Premium:- Up to Rs. 10,000
Non-Allopathic Treatments
Under Support:- 10% of SI, Under Secure:- 10% of SI, Under Support Plus:- 50% of SI, Under Shield:- Covered up to SI, Premium:- Covered up to SI
Donor Expenses
Upto SI
No Claim Bonus
Under Support:- 10% max 50%, Under Secure:- 10% max 50%, Under Support Plus:- 10% max 100%, Under Shield:- 10% max 100%, Premium:- 10% max 100%