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Health Shield Floater


Comprehensive health Insurance plan


  • ASI Protector:- ASI accrued by the customer shall not be impacted if any one claim or multiple claims admissible in the previous year does not exceed the overall amount of Rs. 50,000
  • Claim Protector :-Incase the customer has opted for this cover, the IRDAI list of excluded items shall become
  • Sum Insured Protector : In case the customer has opted for this cover, the SI will be increased at renewal on the basis of inflation rate of previous year.
  • World Wide Cover In case the customer has opted for this cover, Hospitalization expenses incurred abroad shall be paid with a co-pay of 10%
  • Domiciliary hospitalisation: Coverage for medical expenses in a situation where the Insured Person is in such a state that he/she cannot be moved to a hospital or the treatment is taken at home if there's a nonavailability of room in the hospital


Room Rent Limit
No Capping
ICU Daily Rent Limit
No Capping
Pre-Hospitalization Expenses
30 days
Post Hospitalization Expenses
60 days
Minimum Hospitalization Period
24 Hours
Day Care Procedure Coverage
Additional Cover for Critical Illness
The customer can opt for Critical Illness Cover covering specified Critical
Automatic Restoration of Sum Insured
Up to 100% of the base Sum Insured unlimited times in
Pre-Existing Disease / Illness coverage
Covered after 2 years
Waiting Period for New Policy
30 days
Only Hospitalization expenses incurred
Medical Screening
No medical tests will be required for insurance cover below the age of 46
Free Health Checkup
The coupons would be provided to each Insured for every policy year, subject to a maximum of 2 coupons per year for floater policies.
Ambulance Expenses
Coverage limit under this shall be 1% of the SI up to a maximum of `10,000
Non-Allopathic Treatments
New Born Baby Cover
Covered, maximum period up to 91 days from the date of birth of the child
Daily Hospitalization Allowance
If hospitalisation is atleast for a minimum
Donor Expenses
No Claim Bonus
10% of annual sum insured for each completed claim free year subject to a maximum of 50%